Jury member Patty Jenkins (Director of "Monster") with Till Nowak, Matthias Hornschuh and Andreas Hornschuh after receiving the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for best short.

The screening took place in Mann's Theatre at the Hollywood walk of fame, close to the huge Kodak Theatre Complex.

At the AFI FEST closing night Gala: with filmmaker Heathe St. Clair and his wife Cynthia.   Till Nowak with Ayse P. Dedeoglu and Viviane De Simone, director and scriptwriter of the "First Rendezvous"

At the AFI FEST closing night Gala: with AFI FEST programmers Lane Kneedler and Shaz Bennett   Cuba Gooding Jr. was also joining the party.

The festivals center for feature films was placed at the Arclight Theatre.

Andreas Hornschuh, Matthias Hornschuh, AFI FEST volunteer Alex Helfrecht and me.  The DELIVERY-Team with Matthias Grunsky, Director of Photography of "Mutual Appreciation"

Matthias Hornschuh, Till Nowak, Jacqueline Lyanga (Producer, Kodak CONNECT) and Andreas Hornschuh   Matthias Hornschuh, Andreas Hornschuh and Till Nowak with AFI FEST filmmaker liaison Christina Marouda

The AFI FEST 2005 festival office

A. & M. Hornschuh after the short films screening in Mann's Chinese Theatre with composer Boris Salchow.  Till Nowak, Corina Danckwerts (Capture Film), Katrin Osmialowski, Andreas Hornschuh, Matthias Hornschuh.

Trip to Venice Beach: Till Nowak, AFI FEST volunteer Lety, Matthias & Andreas Hornschuh, Lety's sister Lisa.  Till Nowak, Ryan Mooney and Edward Ju from www.pluginz.com

The "Delivery"-Team in Los Angeles: Till Nowak, Andreas Hornschuh, Matthias Hornschuh